- Credits -

ScreenMania wants to say "THANKS" to :

Lev from Emulation World for hosting !

Atila from Retrogames for hosting and being a nice man !

The MAME developing team for making such an awesome emulator and donating their time for free.

ZSNES : the best SNES emulator ! Thanks to zsKnight and _Demo_ :)

VisualBoy : Forgotten's great Game Boy Color emulator for Windows.

CCS32 made by Per Håkan Sundell, my favourite C-64 emulator - still have to lisence it *sigh* !

David & Cedric Michel, the creator of MagicEngine , the best PC Engine/TG-16 emulator !

The Video Game Museum for being an inspiration to start this site. Hi Mek and Rey :)
ScreenMania Contributors :
Not many so far :)

flozzum-flip : Berzerk and Defender are his first contributions. Pics from Mario Bros. Marvel Super Heroes and Tapper were his 2nd batch.

lazy oli defeated Splatterhouse 2 for Genesis.

LordVermin gave me the first NES games for ScreenMania : Contra, Life Force, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out and Super Dodge Ball - all complete !

nemesis1 sent me the missing best ending for Bubble Bobble arcade and many Baraduke ingame shots as well as the game end !

Rey helped me to complete Contra 3 for SNES, has sent in 5 Game Boy Advance games (Final Fight complete) and contributed some SNES endings. Still have to put his record online. Check the SNES section for 4 new endings by him.

Tormod : Sent me hundreds of screenshots for Don Pachi and R-Type (endings included).

Vincent : Contributed the missing Bubble Bobble levels and the normal game ending as well as level 11 - 40 of Dig Dug to the arcade section (and I hope for more) ! Next strike was the finale of Scramble and a complete coverage of Donkey Kong Junior, Kung Fu Master and Shinobi.
3 pack : City Connection, Commando, Congo Bongo, Ghost and Gobblins, Green Beret, Popeye, RodLand, Vigilante and Xain d'Sleena. 19xx, Aliens, Rainbow Islands, POW, Sel Feena, Shadow Dancer, and Wardner were his latest offerings.

XRay1 gave me this nice alternate ScreenMania logo.