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- 07/21/2001 -
ScreenMania 13th Update
Here are 11 new games - enjoy ! I'm in a hurry so I'll keep it short. Don't send anything within the next 10 days because I'm on vacation :) I'm gonna haunting Bavaria with my family. You can expect a real BIG UPDATE when I'm back from this trip. I got lots of arcade shots from Vincent and already made many new GBC shots and started working on a new section for Sinclair's Spectrum home computer. Thanks to all involved people - sorry for ignoring the credits page :)

Rey grab the Sonic (2x) and Metal Gear endings !!!

- 07/06/2001 -
ScreenMania 12th Update
Overall : 100 new games and a bunch of updated ones with 5,130 screenshots uploaded.

PHEW - I'm happy but exhausted ! 100 new games are a new record. It took 2 days to upload the whole stuff and more than 2 weeks to prepare :) New MSX and NeoGeo Pocket sections, hundreds of new Amiga shots - all cropped and resized by hand. More Genesis, NES and GBA pics - slightly changed site layout to give you more space to view those gems from the past ! Newly online are : Thanks to Rey, Matan, Omegaxboy, LordVermin, T.R. Schmidt, Sam Strickler and zhengyu for your contributions. I hope you'll continue to flood my news accounts :)
Please report broken links, errors and feel invited to contribute.

- 06/26/2001 -
ScreenMania 2nd WIP Update
Here are the latest update candidates for my next update which should be online on friday. Stay tuned for 2 new sections - MSX and NeoGeo Pocket ! I'm still looking for contributors :)

- 06/14/2001 -
ScreenMania 11th Update
Overall : 68 new games and 2 updated ones with 3,730 screenshots uploaded.

New Game Boy Advance section with 6 games. A new NES section with also 6 games. A lonely game in the new Amiga section and another single newcomer in the Genesis part. 13 new Arcade games and 41 new C-64 games should keep you busy viewing new screenshots. 6 Arcade games, 4 NES, one GBA, the lonely Genny game and a few C-64 additions are COMPLETE coverages with all intro, levels and game endings ! I've also redone the arcade and C-64 sections ...

This update includes new contributors which I may give a warm welcome. Thanks to Rey, Vincent, LordVermin, lazy oli and morph72 for your helping hands - you guys are great :) Any comment - good or bad is welcome.

- 06/03/2001 -
ScreenMania 10th Update
Overall : 50 new games and 2 updated ones with 2,767 screenshots uploaded.

OK, here's the next update. I've uploaded 30 new Game Boy Classic games and put up an updated WIP page. Not sure if I'm able to complete the html stuff for the SNES games today but I'll try my best :) Please tell me, how you like my upgraded Game Boy main site ! Now with additional copyright info. I'll apply these changes to all sections.

2nd part of today's update. 20 new SNES games as well as 2 updated ones with 1,311 shots are online. This includes the very famous Super Mario World, Pilot Wings (thanks ZSNES team) and a massively updated Donkey Kong Country :) Thanks to Rey for the nice endings he made.